White T-shirt As A Gift

Erika shared her story:

I live in the New Jersey suburbs where the morning weather often bears little or no relation to what the weather might be like in the afternoon in New York, where I work. On a very hot day, I left for work dressed for a rare television interview, which means that I had put on a yellow coat, black sweater and wore the usual black jeans and sneakers on the bottom.




After work, I was meeting a pallet the Frying Pan, which is a bar on a no-longer-sea worthy boat off of a pier in Chelsea. On a sunny day, the light and heat reflecting off the water mean that the people on the boat are slowly sautéed. It was still very hot when I left my office at the end of the day, and even though I left behind my yellow coat the sun immediately absorbed into the dark sweater I was wearing, so I needed to find a tee, that I could wear. Nearby I could not find a single store with clothes. Luckily, I saw a girl with whom I crossed paths a couple of times at work. She said that she lives nearby and can pick me up something from her wardrobe. She treated me to coffee and showed me a couple of T-shirts to choose from. Most of all I liked the white T-shirt with the angels. She said that she also liked this T-shirt very much, but now she is not her size and gave it to me. I remembered how she helped me and after I got home, found this t-shirt on the Internet and ordered a size smaller. After a couple of weeks, we met again and I gave her a new T-shirt. She was very happy.

Do the good thing and it will return to you💫

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