Trip To Berlin With One Sweatshirt

Grace shared her story:

When I graduated from college, the euphoria of accomplishment and endless summer wore off like a temporary tattoo. My predisposition towards impatience settled in and I made the hasty decision to jet off to Berlin for two months. Ten days after arriving, I would be in a month-long internship program, but the rest of the time was mine alone. And this alone time really started to freak me out.




Berlin – halfway round the world and in stark contrast to my native culture – was completely foreign to me in language, lifestyle and locus. Don’t get me wrong, the city was magnificent, but it was hard to take it in when it all meant “unknown.” For this trip, I bought myself a beautiful black sweatshirt with word hope on it. I did not plan to wear it every day. But the cold and rainy weather did not give me a choice. It was the only warm thing in my suitcase. Now Berlin is associated with this sweatshirt.

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