Pizza Power In One Life

Sharon shared her story:

This story is about how an ordinary T-shirt can change your life.

Chris and I shared a studio together, and we’d begun working on a music project we called BURN. I’d recently left my band after five years and was figuring out what my next project might be. That spring Chris and I discovered ashared love for pizza.


I’d bring strange posters, or little toys, or pizza boxes with drawings on them into the studio and that began my pizza collection. But this T-shirt was the first thing I got in earnest to express my love for pizza. As the collection in my studio grew, I began looking at pizza in a different way, as a kind of vehicle for creativity. And thus started the strange journey of seeing life through a lens of pizza. One day I went into the studio and said to Chris, “You know what would be really fun? If we curated an art show where everybody contributed work about pizza.” So we had an idea that has now gained a lot of like-minded people.

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