My Summer Choice

Megan shared her story:

It was May 2019 and the ink on my college diploma was still wet. I spent the last four years shipwrecked on the glittering island of Manhattan only to return home after graduation. Home was a small town in rural Pennsylvania.


My summer nights unraveled into moments that were unforgettable. Kel picked me up first, then Jared, Kelly, and Will, the five of us piling into her car with no place to go. We sped through the tunnels into downtown, a silver steel city filled with gritty promises. Some nights we drank sweet mojitos on sticky rooftops and stumbled into tattoo parlors on East Carson which stayed open dangerously late. Some nights we danced questionably with questionable strangers in Hawaiian tiki lounges. I wore a tee every night that summer. My favorite – choice tee. Easy piece of clothing that I could slip on (or off) depending upon my mood. Autumn arrived suddenly, unannounced and uninvited. Summer was over.


By September, I moved back to New York. And I realize that the very best people in the world to be lost with are the ones who have known you forever.

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