Love U Forever, Guy From Central Park

Antonia shared her story:

When I wore this sweatshirt for the first time, I was in New York because of my work. In my downtime, I was exploring the city, and at dusk I wound up walking alone through Central Park.




There I encountered a group of pagans at the edge of the park. They were holding hands and dancing in a circle. A man on the end of the spiral locked eyes with me, extended his arm my way, and said, “Join us”. For some reason, I did. And we twirled about in the park, stopping eventually to light candles and pray for peace. In this crowd, I saw a guy who smiled at me. As it turned out, we both just walked past and dragged us into this crowd. We got into a conversation and realized that we were both from the suburbs of San Francisco and were here for work for the first time. After 6 months we got married 🙂

P.S. Although the sweatshirt has nothing to do with it, but I want to believe that it is our talisman.

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