How Wardrobe Changed My Life

Diana shared her story:

All my life I was a strong woman, did not show my weaknesses, did not even tell my loved ones anything important that was happening in my life. I was a closed person and I liked it. It was the reason for the divorce with my husband.  At one point, I became very sick and realized that no one would come to me. My character led to the fact that no one was near me. I was depressed. For weeks I sat and thought about how to be. As a result, I decided to change my life.


The first step was to change the wardrobe. If earlier I had only restrained things, dresses of a narrow cut, blouses, pants (although I am only 24), now I ordered myself the usual stylish T-shirts, fashionable skirts, jeans. My wardrobe began to contain simple clothes. This was a decisive change.

When I put on a T-shirt ( for example, my favorite 3 am text tee) and jeans, I felt free. I realized that I had driven myself into a framework from which there was no way out. Now I found a boyfriend, made peace with my parents, I found a couple of good friends. At 24, I finally realized that changing your life and getting up from the bottom is not as difficult as it might seem, the main thing is to accept your mistakes and correct them.

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