Grand Canyon Road

Lucinda shared her story:

Life was going downhill, I quickly packed up the most necessary things, put on my favorite T-shirt and pulled into a trip.

I saw a guy on the highway, he had a huge backpack on his shoulders, he decided to pick him up more than himself. His face was joyful and one would think that he did not expect someone to pick him up.


He ran up and said:

  • Young girl, thank you for stopping. My name is John. Where are you going?
  • To the Grand Canyon, I said.
  • Bingo, me too!

John jumped into the car and we drove off. Along the way, he shared his life that he had fled from everyone to ponder his life. Incidentally, I went on a trip on the same occasion. We talked and got closer. On the way back and forth we were about 3 days, during this time we became attached and could no longer part. Now I am carrying our child under my heart and in the near future I will not be able to put on that T-shirt in which I then left for the Grand Canyon and met the love of my life.

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