Fearless Parent’s Child

Jessica shared her story:

When I found this hoodie in the Internet, I was drawn to it, just because I am a kid of crazy parents.

See, in my youth I was a child whom parents always took with them on all trips. And usually, these were extreme trips. They really like to pat my nerves and I grew up the same. It seems to me that they have tried all extreme sports, most of them for sure.




Since childhood, I was taught that parachuting every summer is the norm, that canyoning on vacation is a must, and that everyone should be able to surf at dangerous points. I got accustomed to everything. Now I am 22 and I am grateful to them for this. Thanks to such a childhood, in my adult life I’m probably not afraid of anything. And I will raise my children in the same way. I wear this hoodie not only because I feel comfortable in it and I feel at home everywhere, but it also reminds me of how much I went through and whatever happens to me, I can find a way out everywhere.

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