Best Days With My Tee

Madeleine shared her story:

In November 2019, I was falling in love with American Samoa, a speck of an island halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. I had moved to “The Rock” to manage a diabetes research project, and in my first few weeks there, I spent a lot of time driving around listening to pop radio, taking photos of pretty village churches, and discovering Value City.


If part of the fun of thrift shopping is the thrill of the hunt, it was that much more so in American Samoa, where all of the clothes – like nearly everything else in the territory, new or used – had come from other islands. It was at that moment when I realized that I could not find normal clothes on this island, I was glad that I took my favorite “best day” t-shirt. I wore it almost without taking it off, because of which I have 80% percent of the photos from there in it. Thus, I once again reminded myself and the locals to enjoy every day of your life and appreciate each moment.

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